1. How to care for your Swimwear

    One of the most important things about caring for swimwear is knowing when to care for it. If you're a regular swimmer, there are at least two times when you need to give your suit some attention. First, if your suit is made from a special fabric that needs to be hand washed, then wash it after each time that suit is used and rinse in fresh water before hanging or laying flat to dry. Second, if the inside lining of the suit says 'Dry Clean Only' on it, then bring it in every few months for a thorough cleaning (about every 8 - 10 wears).


    If you can't tell from the tag, or if you're not sure if you can hand wash or dry clean your suit, then consult the manufacturer's website. There should be a link there that answers all of your questions about

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  2. 7 Best Swimwear Styles For a Perfect Pool Party

    All you can think of as summer approaches is what to wear to a pool party. You need something fashionable but not too pricey to be ruined by water. The main objective is to achieve an attractive look in your most minimal dress. It's difficult to coordinate it all from your swimwear to your accessories. We'll talk about it later. But first, let's go over those things to remember before picking out a swimsuit.

    • When you're outdoors,
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  3. The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Swimwear For Your Body Type

    The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Swimwear For Your Body Type

    We're here to help if you're already looking for the right swimsuit and are tired of boring and unappealing options. We've compiled a list of fashionable options that are both relaxed and make you feel great. This article will help you sort through the countless swimwear possibilities and filter them to the ones that suit and accentuate your body style, from prettier curves to athletic body styles.

    Would you like to see what to watch out for? Read on

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  4. Swimwear Trends in 2021

    Swimwear Trends in 2021, What to wear what to avoid

    It can be overwhelming to pick swimwear for your next swimming outing or beach adventure. Heading out with confidence actually comes with the right swimwear. You an choose from a wide range of designs and styles and can effectively change the way you look. As far as the swimwear trends are concerned, here’s what you need to know:

    A well-chosen print or cut-out can make a huge difference to even out your body shape, considering the fact that you know how to find what’s best for your body type.

    For men, the swimwear range can go all the way from trunks, briefs, boardies, jammers, and wetsuits to thermal wear and rashies. Wetsuits are a useful addition enabling swimmers and surfers to stay in water for a long time while avoiding cuts and bruises as well as keeping your body temperature maintained underwater.

    It’s important to choose the right thickness of the wetsuit depending on the activity and area you are planning to do. Most importantly, staying warm is also equally important in order to stay safe and have fun. The good news is retailers like Swimwear Shack have some of the largest collections of triathlon wetsuits and thermals online, a super knowledgeable team working behind the scenes, and expert guides to help you choose the right swimwear and accessories.

    Another interesting swimwear trend in 2021 is about accessories and gears. Swimwear products like goggles, fins,

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