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  1. 5 best swimwear products for 2021

    Swimwear is the best thing to wear on a hot summer day, and you want to make sure that you have the right suit for your body type. It's important when buying swimwear to do plenty of research beforehand. By looking at which suits are popular, which suits are in style, and which suits fit with your personal style it becomes much easier to find what will work with your body shape. Check this list of the 5 best swimwear products so you can find a suit that will work best for your needs.

    1. Adidas Women's Adizero XVIII Breaststroke Open Back: The Adidas Adizero is an excellent suit for both our beginner and professional swimmers. Its open back allows plenty of water to flow through during the course of your workout, improving your strength and stamina in the water.

    This swimsuit has a great range of motion for more powerful strokes. It also has a Speed Chain that keeps you from slowing down as you get tired, ensuring you stay on track with your training plan. The nylon/spandex material dries quickly, making this one piece spandex performance top easy to care for.

    2. Zoggs Ladies Aquagrip Speedback One Piece: The Zoggs Aquagrip Speedback is a one piece, high-quality swimsuit that will give you an edge in your workouts. Its Ecolast construction offers plenty of support. The full-body paneling allows for plenty of movement without impacting the integrity of the suit.

    It features a Speed Back design for extra coverage and added protection against drag, keeping you streamlined in the water and feeling fast at all times. This swimsuit also features antimicrobial properties which will keep it smelling fresh after each use. Additionally, it comes with a rapid drying feature which allows it to air dry quickly so you don't have to spend too much time caring for your workout clothes.

    3. Speedo Women's Sparkler Leaderback Legsuit: The Speedo Sparkler Leaderback is a one piece swimsuit made with nylon/spandex for added support and comfort. Its high-tech features will help you push yourself to the next level in your workout.

    The Speed Drain Technology helps you to avoid drag, keeping your swimsuit from slowing you down. The suit's ENDURANCE+ feature supports your body to help it move faster. Speedo’s wide-ranging swimsuits also feature moisture-resistant properties which allow you to drain more water as soon as you leave the pool so that it doesn't weigh the suit down. This swimsuit is designed specifically for competitive swimmers who want to get an edge on their competition.

    4. Funkita Ladies Palm Off Eco Sky: The Funkita Palm Off Eco Sky is an eco-friendly swimsuit that will keep you feeling cool and comfortable while you work out. Its polyester construction means it won't weigh you down or cause irritation. The suit features a built-in cover-up for added coverage, a lycra nylon print that provides breathability, and antimicrobial properties which help it keep smelling fresh after every use.

    The Funkita Palm Off Eco Sky is non-restrictive so it doesn't add unnecessary pressure to your joints or muscles. This swimsuit also has a protection feature to keep your skin looking young and conditioned regardless of how much time you spend swimming.

    5. Arena Women's Speed Stripe Challenge Back One Piece: Arena's Swimwear is specifically designed for swimmers who want to get an edge on their competition. This one piece suit features a brief, mesh front panel, and high-quality material back panel for ultimate support. Arena has developed this swimsuit with the Speed Stripe challenge in mind, using precise printing to help you meet your training goals.

    Arena also developed this swimsuit considering the challenge back design. This one piece suit has properties making it suitable for swimming in pools but won't be affected by the smell.

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  2. Take the advantage of new swimwear products for an unbelievable experience

    Running in and out of stores to find a swimsuit can be exhausting. But with the amount of time we spend at the beach or pool, it's worth it to have an awesome experience. That's why we've rounded up some of our favorite swimwear products this season.


    When you shop, don't forget to check the size chart! A "regular" fit might be more like a small, and the "plus" might be a little baggier. You should also check for removable padding! The padding can make or break your look depending on how much your breasts need coverage.


    Choosing The Right Brand


    And remember, always buy from a brand that's made with quality fabrics and fits well.

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  3. Swimming Gear Every Swimmer Needs

    If you don’t know what to look for when it comes to swim gear, then this blog post is just for you. We will go over the basics so that you can start your search and buy the best swimwear and swim gear for yourself. Here are three of the most important swimwear items:


    You need a good pair of swimming trunks that can be worn without revealing too much, no matter how fast or slow you may be swimming. These are usually made from latex or spandex and cover both your front and backside appropriately. They also have either an elastic waistband or drawstrings around the bottom so that they stay in place while in use.


    The only thing more satisfying than taking a languid, totally relaxed swim in t

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  4. Bathing Suits that will make you excited for Spring Break

    Adidas bathing suits are designed for a variety of different occasions. Whether it be this coming spring break or simply just lounging on the beach, you have the option of choosing from; one piece swimsuits, two piece swimsuits, and even triathlon wetsuits.

    For those college students looking to head down south with friends for their first spring break; if you aren't sure what to wear then fear not over at Adidas there are three types of bathing suits that will make your day a little bit better.


    One piece swimsuit: The one piece swimsuit is a style of bathing suit that offers you the coverage of an above the knee short and a shirt. So whether you are headed down south for spring break, or just planning on spending the day at the beach, this style of bathing suit will take care of your modesty.


    Two Piece Swimsuits: If you are looking to get away from boring mundane two pieces, then there is no better option than bringing out your inner goddess with one of Adidas' two-piece bathing suits. This style swimsuit is ideal for those wanting to pair different tops with bottom styles.


    Triathlon Wetsuits:

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  5. High End Swimwear Style for Women

    If you've been on a hunt for some new, high quality swimwear, then this is the post for you! Here at Swimwear Shack we have an incredible selection of swimsuits and other swimming apparel specifically designed to offer support. You may be wondering how we came up with the idea to only offer these items. Well that's because unlike other retailers who try to please everyone by selling clothes from head to toe, all of our clothes are designed specifically for water-related activities.


    We offer a variety of styles including tankini tops, one piece swimwear, bikini tops and bottoms as well as many different types of swimsuits. Swimsuits in particular are a very common choice for women who are looking

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  6. Top 5 swimwear Brands

    It's almost summer, which means it's time to start thinking about getting in shape. Whether you're looking for motivation or just want to buy new swimsuits, this list of swimwear brands should do the trick.


    Not only do these brands have some of the cutest suits on the market today, they're also known for their quality and comfort.


    1) Phelps: They have a large selection of fashionable designs at really affordable prices. You can find suits that range from modern prints to more classic styles like stripes and polka dots.


    2) Adidas: Their swimsuits are inexpensive but they look very expensive. They have a wide selection to choose from, and you're sure to find something you love.


    3) Amanzi: This brand has really cute, colorful suits for a great price. They also have plus sized swimwear for those in need of bigger sizes.


    4) Speedo: This brand is stylish and sophisticated, and the prices reflect that. Their swimsuits cost more than other brands, but they're also made of the highest quality materials.


    5) Funkita: If you're looking for cheap, comfortable swimwear, this is the brand for you. They have a huge selection of cute prints and styles that won't break the bank.


    Choosing the right swimwear for your body shape is an important decision. Swimsuits are expensive, so it's best to try as many on as possible before you buy. It is a good idea to bring along someone who knows about these things when shopping, since they can help you find the perfect fit and style.


    Swimwear shopping can be a thrilling yet unnerving experience. It's not exactly the most comfortable thing to do while you're feeling bloated or vulnerable, and it feels like there are hundreds of different items to choose from.


    Don't worry. We're here to help! In order to make swimsuit shopping less overwhelming, we've put together this blog post about how to choose the right swimwear for your body type and personal style quotient. It will answer all your questions and clear up any confusion you have about what may be best for you.


    But first, let's go over the different types of swimwear available.


    Bikini vs. one-piece

    The most obvious point of difference between these two swimsuit types is their construction. Bikinis feature a mid section that is separate from the bottom and top parts, while with a one-piece suit, the top and bottom are joined

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  7. Swimwear Trends in 2021

    Swimwear Trends in 2021, What to wear what to avoid

    It can be overwhelming to pick swimwear for your next swimming outing or beach adventure. Heading out with confidence actually comes with the right swimwear. You an choose from a wide range of designs and styles and can effectively change the way you look. As far as the swimwear trends are concerned, here’s what you need to know:

    A well-chosen print or cut-out can make a huge difference to even out your body shape, considering the fact that you know how to find what’s best for your body type.

    For men, the swimwear range can go all the way from trunks, briefs, boardies, jammers, and wetsuits to thermal wear and rashies. Wetsuits are a useful addition enabling swimmers and surfers to stay in water for a long time while avoiding cuts and bruises as well as keeping your body temperature maintained underwater.

    It’s important to choose the right thickness of the wetsuit depending on the activity and area you are planning to do. Most importantly, staying warm is also equally important in order to stay safe and have fun. The good news is retailers like Swimwear Shack have some of the largest collections of triathlon wetsuits and thermals online, a super knowledgeable team working behind the scenes, and expert guides to help you choose the right swimwear and accessories.

    Another interesting swimwear trend in 2021 is about accessories and gears. Swimwear products like goggles, fins,

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