Adidas bathing suits are designed for a variety of different occasions. Whether it be this coming spring break or simply just lounging on the beach, you have the option of choosing from; one piece swimsuits, two piece swimsuits, and even triathlon wetsuits.

For those college students looking to head down south with friends for their first spring break; if you aren't sure what to wear then fear not over at Adidas there are three types of bathing suits that will make your day a little bit better.


One piece swimsuit: The one piece swimsuit is a style of bathing suit that offers you the coverage of an above the knee short and a shirt. So whether you are headed down south for spring break, or just planning on spending the day at the beach, this style of bathing suit will take care of your modesty.


Two Piece Swimsuits: If you are looking to get away from boring mundane two pieces, then there is no better option than bringing out your inner goddess with one of Adidas' two-piece bathing suits. This style swimsuit is ideal for those wanting to pair different tops with bottom styles.


Triathlon Wetsuits: One of the benefits to having triathlon wetsuits is that it can be worn in a variety of different ways. Whether you are looking for something to wear while training or in competition, you can find the one that suits your style best over at Adidas.


Call it a one-piece, two-piece, wetsuit, or even a bathing suit, the variety of styles available from Swimwear Shack will make choosing your perfect piece easy. There are many different bathing suits to choose from; however, there is one question that can help you make your decision. Are you looking for a bathing suit that will stay in place or keep water away from areas you don’t want wet?


If the answer is yes, then a full-front style of suit may be for you. The full-front style of the suit has an extra lining to block water and is also usually lined with bra cups for extra support. This addition to the suit will help keep water from going up the front of the suit and in your face.


Any type of bottom style can be worn with this full-front style of bathing suits, and bottoms can be purchased that match suits you already own. The swimsuit is made of a nylon/spandex mesh material, which gives extra support where needed. This full-front style swimsuit will keep water out while still being comfortable to wear and stylish.


Some women are concerned about areas they don’t want rubbing against other people or hitting the wall while swimming. This concern can be solved with a racerback style swimsuit. This bathing suit is designed to cover the straps of your suit to prevent the straps from rubbing against other people. The back of this suit comes down between the shoulder blades. The back swimsuit is cut low enough to prevent it from interfering with swimming, however, you will not be able to wear these suits if you have long hair. With an athletic build and an extra long torso, hips and legs you may find that this style swimsuit does not hide all the areas that you want hidden while swimming. This style of bathing suit is great for women who are just learning how to swim, or are looking for more coverage while swimming laps during their workouts in a pool.


A close cousin to the racerback is the strapless bathing suit. The strap on these suits are usually attached to a bra that is in turn attached to the swimsuit. The bathing suit has two straps, one up by your neck and one down by your hips, and snaps into place at each end. This style swimsuit can be worn with a lining top for more support, but a bra is not needed. These suits work well when water resistance is desired and an athletic build is present.


Moreover you can also go with the Adidas Womens Adizero. It is one of the top rated and comfortable swimsuits for women. There are many different women’s suits available at almost every price point; however, there are certain times that specific styles of swimsuits are recommended for women during various seasons of the year.

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