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  1. Top 5 swimwear Brands

    It's almost summer, which means it's time to start thinking about getting in shape. Whether you're looking for motivation or just want to buy new swimsuits, this list of swimwear brands should do the trick.


    Not only do these brands have some of the cutest suits on the market today, they're also known for their quality and comfort.


    1) Phelps: They have a large selection of fashionable designs at really affordable prices. You can find suits that range from modern prints to more classic styles like stripes and polka dots.


    2) Adidas: Their swimsuits are inexpensive but they look very expensive. They have a wide selection to choose from, and you're sure to find something you love.


    3) Amanzi: This brand has really cute, colorful suits for a great price. They also have plus sized swimwear for those in need of bigger sizes.


    4) Speedo: This brand is stylish and sophisticated, and the prices reflect that. Their swimsuits cost more than other brands, but they're also made of the highest quality materials.


    5) Funkita: If you're looking for cheap, comfortable swimwear, this is the brand for you. They have a huge selection of cute prints and styles that won't break the bank.


    Choosing the right swimwear for your body shape is an important decision. Swimsuits are expensive, so it's best to try as many on as possible before you buy. It is a good idea to bring along someone who knows about these things when shopping, since they can help you find the perfect fit and style.


    Swimwear shopping can be a thrilling yet unnerving experience. It's not exactly the most comfortable thing to do while you're feeling bloated or vulnerable, and it feels like there are hundreds of different items to choose from.


    Don't worry. We're here to help! In order to make swimsuit shopping less overwhelming, we've put together this blog post about how to choose the right swimwear for your body type and personal style quotient. It will answer all your questions and clear up any confusion you have about what may be best for you.


    But first, let's go over the different types of swimwear available.


    Bikini vs. one-piece

    The most obvious point of difference between these two swimsuit types is their construction. Bikinis feature a mid section that is separate from the bottom and top parts, while with a one-piece suit, the top and bottom are joined

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  2. Swimsuits And Accessories Guide & Tips

    The time of drinking cocktails while sunbathing, spending Sundays at the pool, and soaking up the sun is approaching, which means it is indeed time to dig out your swimsuit from the wardrobe and pull it in the sun. Perhaps you have a trendy swimsuit in your shopping cart for the season. The looks below are unique if you're going to the beach, spa, or dinners after a relaxing day sunbathing. Check out our favorite swimsuit styles for 2021.

    Show a little skin in this Adidas Women's Adizero XVIII Breaststroke open-back suit. Wear it with a pair of goggles and a simple pair of Funkita Crazy Cat Silicone Cap. And don’t forget to protect your goggles with Arena Goggle Case Black.

    When you've already found the perfect bikini — the one which helps you look both satisfied and attractive, the very next goal is to estimate out how to style it. We do have quick points for all those trying to change up their swimsuit look. A hat is more than just a stylish accessory for keeping the sun off your face. It's really a cute way to spice up your beach attire. Visor caps, whether in a Mexican theme or with embroidered words, bring the signature fashion-girl feel we all love.

    The breeze at the beach isn't playing as it whips your hair back. Put on a written headwrap to protect the hair from being messy. For women who dislike wearing caps, this is a nice option. A legsuit is the perfect choice for a light covering at the beach. Take it a step further by choosing a piece that complements your swimwear, or opt for a multicolored option.

    Going by colors

    Blue is a timeless color. It operates on all skin colors, pops, is bright, and gives you a tanned appearance. For those causes, people see a lot of blue in swimwear and even swim goggles. For swimming time, aqua and teal are common choices. Think if red looks good on you. Most swimsuit

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  3. Do's and Don'ts For a Beach Day

    The summer is incomplete if you can’t spend a perfect day at the beach. One way to make your beach day as carefree as possible is by jumping in with a perfect swimsuit. We've compiled this list of do's and don'ts for a perfect beach day, so check it out for tips on how to be cool while looking cool.



    Bring sunscreen: You'll want to apply that before you put on your suit. This will ensure that you're well protected against harmful UV rays, which can lead to skin cancer and premature aging.


    Bring a water bottle: You'll need to stay hydrated when you're in the sun for long periods of time. We suggest a water bottle that has a wide mouth so that you can easily take sips and not have to hassle with squeezing while wearing sunglasses or anything else.


    Towel: Whether you're swimming or lying on the beach, you'll eventually sweat and it will be nice to have a towel to catch all of that excess water as it drips off your body.


    Sandals: Some might not think this is an important item, but sandals are essential for comfort and ease of movement while walking around on the beach and in the water.


    Tennis shoes: Sand can be a little uncomfortable and hot on your feet if you don't have anything to cover them. Tennis shoes will also keep sand out of your shoe while walking on wet, sandy beaches.


    Triathlon wetsuits: They are great for keeping your body warm. Triathlon wetsuits are just as useful if you're just going to swim for a long time, and especially because they're light enough, they are easy to carry around in a beach bag.


    Fins: Accessories such as swimming fins and swimming goggles etc. will add more fun to your beach day as you have got a few different options online with retailers such as Swimwear Shack.



    Don't wear a one-piece swimsuit: This can make it difficult to get in and out of the water while you're swimming. Plus, if you find out that you have any uncomfortableness o

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  4. How to care for your Swimwear

    One of the most important things about caring for swimwear is knowing when to care for it. If you're a regular swimmer, there are at least two times when you need to give your suit some attention. First, if your suit is made from a special fabric that needs to be hand washed, then wash it after each time that suit is used and rinse in fresh water before hanging or laying flat to dry. Second, if the inside lining of the suit says 'Dry Clean Only' on it, then bring it in every few months for a thorough cleaning (about every 8 - 10 wears).


    If you can't tell from the tag, or if you're not sure if you can hand wash or dry clean your suit, then consult the manufacturer's website. There should be a link there that answers all of your questions about

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  5. 7 Best Swimwear Styles For a Perfect Pool Party

    All you can think of as summer approaches is what to wear to a pool party. You need something fashionable but not too pricey to be ruined by water. The main objective is to achieve an attractive look in your most minimal dress. It's difficult to coordinate it all from your swimwear to your accessories. We'll talk about it later. But first, let's go over those things to remember before picking out a swimsuit.

    • When you're outdoors,
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